Inhibitor JH2016-D2

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Items Specification
Appearance Red or yellow liquid
Purity ≥90%
Specific gravity 1.3

  Use: In the separation process of copper and molybdenum, the product has excellent inhibition effect on copper, and the use effect is far better than that of mercapto-based products. At the same time, the defect of poor inhibition of copper by mercapto-based products in hot weather is solved. This product has a small dosage, simple and convenient addition, can better save costs and increase economic benefits; not only improves the quality of molybdenum concentrate products, but also has no pollution, no toxicity, and has played a positive role in environmental protection in the production area.
  Advantage: As a inhibitor with special effect of molybdenum selection and copper inhibition on the copper-molybdenum ore and copper-lead ore, small dosage, copper content of molybdenum fine powder in summer can be reduced below 0.3.
  Package: 250kg/drum or 1250kg/IBC drum.
  Storage: stored in a dry, cool place.