The manufacturing of beneficiation equipment injects intelligent "soul"

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  The realization of intelligence and operation is the mainstream direction of the technological development of the engineering machinery mineral processing equipment industry. During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, the key mainstream products of construction machinery must reach the level of intelligent and informatized control, especially the requirements of construction machinery beneficiation equipment.

  The two sessions this year conveyed to us the development trend of the mineral processing equipment industry: innovation, environmental protection and energy saving. Among them, the trend of innovation is that enterprises develop construction machinery and beneficiation equipment products to a smart high-end road. Professionals in the beneficiation equipment industry said that China's manufacturing and beneficiation equipment has reached an important juncture, and high-end transformation and industrial upgrading are urgent.

  Since the beginning of the new century, the mineral processing equipment industry has achieved initial results in the transformation and upgrading of high-end brands, and the level of autonomy of major technical equipment has also been continuously improved. In 2013, the pace of upgrading of mineral processing products to high-end products has accelerated, and key core technologies have achieved some important results. The development trend of high-end structure is good.

  Intelligence becomes a high ground for enterprises

  With the increasingly fierce competition in the beneficiation equipment market and the difficulty of mining in the coal industry, the intelligentization of construction machinery and beneficiation equipment is indispensable. For Chinese construction machinery and beneficiation equipment companies, they can only continue to introduce foreign core technologies to catch up. The pace of internationalization cannot understand the soul of advanced technology. At present, a useful weapon: "going out" for overseas deployment is not only to expand overseas markets, but also to obtain the soul of higher-end technology in order to break through the beneficiation industry. Bottleneck.

  Expert Ma Bing believes that the construction machinery beneficiation equipment industry is a sunrise industry with high technological content and production concentration. In the future, the market demand will develop towards high-end and intelligent direction, and the industry operation will become more and more standardized. The current adjustments are given to the industry. The key enterprises have brought a rare opportunity for hard work. All enterprises should not be heroes based on scale and speed, but should pursue endogenous growth and innovative development, and meet future market opportunities and challenges with an international perspective.

  Qingdao Zhima Kaimen Mining Co., Ltd. absorbs the guidance of professionals, goes abroad, appreciates the soul of high-tech and core technology, and continues to develop and innovate towards high-end, intelligent and international development.